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Today is a new day. Welcome to the official site of Brian Lange's State Representative Election Campaign, your source of information including upcoming events, information on the issues, history, and background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding Brian Lange and how he is fighting for change and progress.


The Road To The Future

April 13, 2020

Your vote counts so desperately in this election.  It is your opportunity to help set the course for the 20th District as we move into an uncertain future.  Shall we drive on headlong into a progressively more dystopian future?  Or, should we conserve the riches of our community, and the individualism of our people, and chart a different path?  A path that protects; our family values, our property rights, protects and promotes our economy, and builds coalitions to help our most vulnerable and marginalized citizens.  Your vote can and will put us on the road we will take into the future.  Get involved, get registered, and vote your conscience.  Then we can ride the road to the future together.

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PO Box 1835, Morton, WA 98356

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PO Box 1835, Morton, WA 98356

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